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Eva Longoria sex pics in Desperate Housewives set

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We’ve all drooled over Eva Longoria in the hit tv series Desperate Housewives where she plays as a hot wife who bangs her gardener when the husband is away. Well lookie what we have here…these are behind the scene shots of Desperate Housewives showing a drunk Eva Longoria with cum all over her sexy face after sucking this dude’s fat cock in the garden. How fuckin’ hot is this!

In the second shot, Eva Longoria’s pussy gets pounded hard on the chair with an expression of pain and pleasure in her eyes.  There is nothing desperate about an extremely horny housewife wanting to get as much cocks in her hungry pussy no matter who will deliver the sex as long as I get a chance to fuck the shit outta her!

Eva Longoria Porn Pictures

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Eva Longoria is another pretty and sexy Latina Hollywood actress who graced men’s magazine covers and endorsing high-profile advertising campaigns for beauty products and clothing lines. But she is more popularly known as the better half of NBA superstar Tony Parker and in her portrayal as the adulteress Gabrielle Solis in the popular hit TV series Desperate Housewives. She may be petite but this babe is packed to the brim in terms of brain, sex appeal and beauty and Tony is indeed one lucky man having Eva as his wife… but we are more than lucky than her hubby to be acquiring a bunch of her explicit porn pictures that we have gathered and we can get to see and enjoy Eva Longoria without her clothes on while getting uber naughty with a couple of her naked friends at Eva Longoria Porn Pictures.

Eva Longoria Porn Pictures gets you to some of the most provocative images of Eva living out her Desperate Housewives character in real life as she gets down on her knees and beg to have that stiff cock jerking in her hands while she cups that knob with her soft lips and her tongue working overtime with all that licking, or see Eva spread her legs and had her pussy stuffed with a dildo or simply having her cunt fucked by another dude! Eva is one hungry sex kitten who wants more schlongs rather than Tony’s to be working inside her and for you to enjoy all of these goodies, just click here and enjoy Eva Longoria Porn Pictures.

Make-up magic covered Longoria’s missing tattoo

Apr 9, 2008 Author: Mr. Longoria | Filed under: Gossip

Rumors has it that the start of Desperate Housewives has blamed the magic of Hollywood make-up for the disappearance of her wrist tattoo that meant a lot to her when she got married to NBA basketball superstar Tony Parker.

The tattoo signified in Roman numerals the wedding date of the celebrity couple in Paris, France but when people began to notice that the tattoo disappeared, gossip began to spread that the actress had intentionally lasered off the tattoo from her wrist and that the famous couple were on the brink of divorcing after news began circulating that Tony Parker was having an illicit affair with a French model.

Eva made a simple statement about the whole issue and her representative told reporters that there is no truth that Eva had it permanently removed and she opted to have it covered through make-up while shooting for her show (Desperate Housewives) every single day, and people must have seen her wrist with the make-up on and thought that the tattoo was gone.


Eva Longoria, star of Desperate Housewives, has blamed Victoria Beckham for putting her on the spotlight as rumors began to circulate that the actress is allegedly pregnant to the San Antonio Spurs point guard’s child.

Eva had to dispel the rumors after she was seen with a swollen belly and told press people that it was the pair of tight jeans given to her by the former Spice Girls member that made her look pregnant. She loved the pair of jeans so dearly that when she wore it, she felt that her gut was hanging on top of it and as soon as she came out of the restaurant she looked very bloated.


Parker, Longoria sues X17 for false rumors, agency releases apology

Apr 9, 2008 Author: Mr. Longoria | Filed under: News

Celebrity couple Eva Longoria and Tony Parker dismissed rumors about Tony’s alleged illicit relationship with a French model and has filed a lawsuit against X17 for publishing false stories against the San Antonio Spurs’ pointguard for $40 million.

The agency has issued an apology to Tony Parker for writing and publishing nearly 10 false articles detailing the NBA superstar’s so-called “illicit affairs” that has caused some strain to their relationship. Longoria and Parker were married on July of 2007.

The couple felt totally vindicated after the release of the agency’s apology and since the beginning of the whole fiasco, Tony insisted that he had never met the French model not even once.